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logo Shuttle Party

ESA-Team der RWTH Aachen University

We had a successful start last year and to celebrate this, we are now sponsoring the “RWTH first semester week”. Of course, we are also on the spot and all the newbies, who want to participate, can participate in the Dutch game "Spijkerpoepen". We hope that all the firsts will have a successful start with their studies and we would like to thank the ESA team for the great support.

logo Klenkes


The City-Magazine for Aachen and Euregio. Activities, services and information. Check the frontpage and the article of our project in the Hochschulklenkes. In the special edition summer semester 2017, you can read all about Katzensprung and why we love the student life in Aachen

logo Shuttle Party

Shuttle Party

Yes we do! We sponsor them so check our logo on the flyers, brochure, posters,… We have only one thing to say: ”Raise your hands in the air and celebrate the whole night!”

Interested? Please contact us for more information!

logo INCAS


INCAS, the Intercultural Center of Students in Aachen, is an organization for students by students. Our goal is to build a cultural bridge between students from all countries by promoting their integration and the intercultural communication among them. Therefore, we provide a large variety of cultural events, activities and services in close cooperation with RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen University.

logo K.A.V. Alcuinus


Would you like to spend part of your studies abroad and you have chosen for RWTH Aachen? Incoming Student Services will be happy to help you gather all the important information on exchanges, programs, applications, and everything you need to know about your stay in Aachen.

logo K.A.V. Alcuinus

K.A.V. Alcuinus

Katzensprung brought a piece from Aachen to the Netherlands, whereby it with K.A.V. Alcuinus also a piece of the Netherlands gives to Aachen. Alcuinus is the student association for Dutch students at the RWTH or FH Aachen. They are organizing activities for their current members and are also promoting the students in Aachen. We appreciate it and we will also work together with them in time. The more the better!

Interested? Please contact us for more information!

logo Cineplex


Did you notice our funky video of Katzensprung? We started to promote our project in Cineplex at the end of January with our funny goodies and our funky video. Hurry up to get some of our goodies (peppermints, ballpoint pens and measuring slats) AND …. when you go on a Tuesday, during the “sneak preview”, you have the opportunity to win a free cinema night for you and 3 friends!!!
Did we convince you? Check their website to see what movie will play the night you want to go!

logo Vaals


We know for sure: Vaals, is the place to be! The little sister of Aachen has everything you need: karting, fitness, tennis, sport hall, nice cafés and restaurants, many shops, supermarkets,… And all those things are within walking distance. Could it be nicer? :-) Check their website and be as HAPPY as they are

logo Landal Hoog Vaals

Landal Hoog Vaals

Did someone say RELAX-TIME? Landal Hoog Vaals has it all: swimming pool, sauna, golf, bowling, tennis breakfast, lunch, diner,,… Check their amazing website and remember: just by using your KATZENSPRUNG-card you get some incredible discounts!!!


Interested? Please contact us for more information!

logo Heton

Citta Fit

No joke. Katzensprung residents can play sports for free. Just show your Katzensprung advantage card and you can:

  • Exercise free and unlimited in the fitness room on the 1st floor;
  • On Thursday from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm and on Saturday from 17:30 pm to 19:00 pm the sports hall is completely free to use and play sports;
  • Stay a little bit longer for a drink with your friends in the bar: Beer and soft drinks you get for only 1.50 EUR.

And again, everything right around the corner. It really does not get any more comfortable!


logo Café ’t Vereinshoes

Café ’t Vereinshoes

Did someone say beer and soda for the same price as a pub in Aachen? Hell yeah …. Café ‘t Vereinshoes offers you on Monday and Wednesday beer and soda for 1,5 EUR!!! They also welcome every month some music bands from all over the world, so check their website and come over for a beer and some good life music.


logo K.A.V. Alcuinus


Cozy Café for young and old. Exudes an established charm. Located in the center of Vaals. Do not hesitate to come by.


Interested? Please contact us for more information!

logo Outdoor Karting Vaals

Outdoor Karting Vaals

Vaals, a boring village? Didn’t think so! Vaals has even its own karting! And the students of KATZENSPRUNG get a nice discount on Wednesday! They also have some nice offers for the people who want to do a rally. Check their website and contact them when you want to kick some ass.

Don’t forget, we are closed from December till March!


logo B&B Allure

B&B Allure

Are your parents coming to visit you? They can stay overnight at B&B Allure. It is only 5 minutes from our student residence! We have put together an exclusive offer for you. If you book the room by phone (+31 (0) 620 00 65 89 / +31 (0) 43 3065047) or by e-mail (, you can join them in the morning for a wonderful breakfast. Since you have a Katzensprung advantage card, you do not have to pay for the breakfast. A beautiful way to start the day together.



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